Success Stories

Synopsis and Objectives:

A specialty food chain with 13 locations sought to develop their brand awareness and increase sales. Specifically, their objectives were to:

  • Build brand awareness and loyalty
  • Identify and draw new customers to their stores
  • Interact and build their existing customer base with identification of zip codes
  • Find a new method of distributing special store offers
  • Demonstrate company's commitment to communicating with their customers using fresh technology

Marlimar’s Strategy and Direction:

  • Develop a systematic interactive program that could be incorporated into all existing advertising mediums: news print, radio, web and in-store
  • Define the belief that every message must be fresh, memorable, relevant and of value
  • Begin interaction with simple text-to-win mobile marketing, and develop into more memorable and fresh cutting edge interactive technologies
  • Create staggered one week campaigns that could be measured and analyzed for successful results
  • Suggest a variety of relevant and value strategies by offering turkeys for Thanksgiving and gift cards for Christmas
  • Recommend a system of consistently delivering store specials to the Loyalty Club, based on results quantified, while continuing a monthly/bi-monthly campaign of growing the database and incorporating new technologies

Results of Program Initiatives:

In the initial seven day campaign, we offered a text for a chance to win a Thanksgiving turkey. We set the parameter of giving away one in 100 turkeys. In one week, they gave away 11 turkeys and grew an 1100+ database of loyal subscribers. The company considered the results amazing.

In the second seven day text-to-win campaign, we offered a one in 200 chance to win a Christmas gift card. They gave away nine Christmas Gift Cards (1 in 200) and added 1700 new subscribers. Within two seven day campaigns, the company created a loyalty database of over 2800 interested subscribers.

Over 70% of all people texting to the offer, opted-in to the database.

For a subscriber to opt-in to the database, we asked them to provide their zip code. This allowed the company to measure the campaign success by store and provide targeted demographics.

In addition to zip codes, the measurable analytics also provided texting volume by hour, showing that the three most popular hours to text were 7:00,8:00 and 9:00am. This data has been a beneficial tool for targeting new marketing strategies.

In their third seven day campaign, the database added 1100 new subscribers. This is a phenomenal 39% increase of existing subscribership.

Today, the food chain has a growing and measurable database of existing and new customers that are being driven to their stores at specific times of the day. Their customers are consistently receiving Fresh, Memorable, Relevant and Valuable offers. They are now incorporating additional interactive strategies, such as voice and web-to-phone, to maintain continued success in the interactive media market.



"I think the idea of My University Mobile is a great innovation."

Dr. Mike Carter, President Campbellsville University

"My University Mobile, Its almost a no-brainer!"

Dr. Kent Smith, VP Student Affairs, Ohio University

"We are excited to have My University Mobile student and staff program. We have already received positive feedback from sevevral businesses in our community as well as students and staff."

Otto Tennant, CFO CU Univevrsity

"Marlimar has been fantastic to work with on our marketing and entertainments products. Their adaptability and customer service went way beyond what we normally find with our vendors. They take care of business as well as anyone we have worked with in the last five years! Marlimar is an interactive expert with high integrity." December 11, 2009

Rish Wood, Ousley Television Entertainment Productions Hired Marlimar for Television Entertainment / Broadcasting in 2008, and hired Mark more than once.

"Mark with Marlimar is the real deal. Professional, and when handed a project, it comes back as a beautiful finished masterpiece. I deal with major accounts in Retail, and always seek high qualified professionals to assist in the project work. My first call always is to Mark. Absolutely a pro, and highly creative. With Great Results , Expert , Creative"

Bob Newton hired Mark with Marlimar as a IT Consultant in 2010 , and hired Mark L. more than once

"I have worked with Marlimar in a couple different capacities. Marlimar is always creative and hard charging. They take on the task at hand and manage it to completion. Marlimar is good to have on your side." December 9, 2009

Stephen Jones, President, Jaap-Orr Advertising

"Mark with Marlimar is a pleasure to work with. He is very responsive, knowledgeable and dedicated. I would highly recommend him to anyone!!" December 16, 2009

Missy Cohen , Orange County Choppers

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