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Voice (IVR)

Voice communications, there is no better way to communicate with emotion and passion.

Speak to your customers in a way they can actually hear.

Surprise your customers by delivering a voice message to their phone.

Make your Interactive Mobile Marketing Fresh and Unique through delivering voice messages.

This Interactive Customizable Voice Option allows consumers to text to a Keyword to receive pre-recorded voice clips from an advertiser.

The consumer’s steps are simple:

  1. Invite a consumer to Text to a keyword for a special message or coupon.
  2. The consumer receives a voice message to their phone.

Marketing opportunities:

  1. Direct voice marketing.
  2. Voice message sponsorship tag.
  3. Call to action messaging.
  4. Future communication opportunities.

Other opportunities:

  1. Database building potential.
  2. Voice marketing of a product or service.
  3. Brand building in unique and fresh ways.

Customized voice recordings would be created so that customers can text a keyword to receive a voice call to their phone. This is a method of conveying a voice message straight to a customer’s phone through conventional advertising means. This experience provides innovative engagement and unique sponsorship opportunities, delivering the kind of innovative and fresh marketing program your consumers demand.

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